Size guide

Measure one

Measure your feet length heel to longest toe by STANDING barefoot on a ruler while the heel slightly touches a wall (not squeezed).

Measure tow

Measure both feet and use the longer one. ( I know, it’s really disappointing to find out that our feet are also not totally symmetric).


On the description page of each shoe, sandal or boot, there is a specific size chart that describe the length of the inner sole of each size.

If you are going on a closed shoe, such as ballerinas, oxfords or boots, choose the size where the inner sole is longer by 0.4 inch than your feet length.

If you are going for a sandal, or a shoe that is open at least in one end, adding 0.2 inch is good enough.

Check the charts for each new model you are buying, small differences may be found due to the shape of the shoe.