We are a vibrant shoe brand and factory located in the heart of Tel Aviv and run by two generations. Today we are one of the last few shoe factories in Israel and loved by many around the world for our innovative, colourful and comfortable design and outstanding customer service.

We run our own factory and make everything ourselves – from cutting, sewing, to lasting and sole making, combining cutting edge technologies with traditional methods. This allows us to realize every design inspiration we have without limitations.

Our Creations

We love making happy and colorful shoes that capture the hippie spirit of our past, with additional twist of modernity. All designs are born after a long mutual creative session. This creative process is reflected in our aesthetics, as well as in the durable internal structure of our shoes.

Comfort is a vital part of our design and production as we spend many hours on discovering the perfect component that makes the shoe comfortable for you. When we’re happy with the result we say that “the shoe is smiling”.


Our love affair with shoes began in the early 70’s when Hezi opened a small leather workshop and made beautiful hippie sandals to the woman of his town.
30 years later his daughter, Chen, and her husband Amit, left their previous careers and joined the factory, to take part in the beautiful craft of shoemaking and to march the factory into the 21th century.